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In the beginning was the word… and the author writing it. His words and thoughts shaped the world around him – until his writer’s block obstructed his path. Take on the role of the author and dive into the beautiful fantasy forest of this world. Use the words you find to shape this magical realm in order to overcome the writer’s block in this VR puzzle game.

Dive into the beautiful magical forest world of this VR puzzle game and shape it to your liking!

Let trees grow in the blink of an eye, destroy huge boulders with a snap of your fingers and make it rain at your will. Use the powers you have as the creator of this world to defeat your writer's block and find the words to change your world even more.

Experience one of very few VR Games achieved in the beautiful Cryengine!

You will encounter:

- a beautiful, magical forest  environment

- 4 Puzzles to solve

- free locomotion in room-scale VR to  let you explore the world you enter

- Physical interaction with the world

- Manipulation of the world by your author powers

The Servants of the Serpent:

Fabian Kober, Sarah Kopisch, Michael Lurz, Elfi Kühndorf, Judith Mühr


Lucca Riitano, Harald Schmidt-Reinthaler


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